Product Detail

Water Melon

Origin: Egypt

Varieties: Giza-Skata

Color: Natural Green

Season: April to October


Loading & Shipping:-

  • 40 “container , t * +6
  • Container Capacity: 20 tonn on 40 pallets , each pallet has 40 boxes.
  • All the boxes in the container :3400



Quality Guarantees:-

Inspection: Product are inspected more than once , first time upon received from farms , then another time while packaging and finally a committee from Ministry of Agriculture do inspection to make sure it has no diseases or infections

Sizes & Packaging:

Packing: 500 KG bins or as per customer’s request

Size:4:5:6 kg per piece  and above

Number Pieces in box: 1 , 2 , 4 .

Production Capacity: 1000 t per season.

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