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  • Punnets or carry bags
  • Punnets: 250-500 gm with cartons net weight 5 kg.
  • Carry bags: Plastic carry bags with cartons net weight 4.5 kg.


  • Early sweet: May.
  • Flame: May , June and July.
  • Sugarcane: May , June and July.
  • Thompson :July-August.
  • crimson :July , August – September
  • Red Globe: June , July – August.

Our fresh seedless grapes are in high demand worldwide due to premium quality and delicious , natural sweet flavor with an extremely high juice level , our red flame and white superior seedless grapes are cultivated in our own farmlands with a dedication to quality control to guarantee, A superb product to our customers. Our grapes are perfect for eatingĀ  raw as well as making jam , grape juice and jelly . The leaves of the grape rine itself are considered edible and are used in the production of middle-eastern and Mediterranean foods. Our brand and label on our grapes is the hallmark of guarantee that you are buying grapes of the highest quality.

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