Product Detail

Spring Onion

Name:Fresh Spring Onion

Origin: Egypt

Varieties: White Spring onion

Color:According to variety

Season: January to April

Sizes: 8 mm to 45 mm
Length: 27 cm to 38 cm
No. of onions in a gap: 
14 punch , 5 bulb per one medium size / for catering and cocking
20 punch small sizes bulb / for salad
Bunches: as per customer request
Transport: Air or Sea
Availability: October through mid April

Brief  about Spring Onion: Spring onions are useful for adding a marked onion note to dishes, particularly when used raw. Packaging: Carton of 2 Kg
HS Code: 070310
VISUAL APPEARANCE: Straight, erect leaves tightly wrapped around a central core; firm, clean, well rounded bulb; clean roots

Sizes & Packing:-

Package: 20 Bunch – 4 pieces in Bunch /Carton or as peer customer’s need.

Sizes:Bulb 7 mm up to 45 mm.

Production Capacity: 5.000 tones per year

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