Product Detail


  • HS Code: 080610
  • Product: Grapes.
  • Variety: Flame.
  • Color: Brown Red.
  • Brix : 18+
  • Sizes: 15-24
  • Package:
    5 Kg Carton contains 8-9 plastic bags X 500 Gm.
    5.5 kg Carton contains 10 punnet X 500 Gm.
  • Availability: May till June End.
  • Shipping: Reefer Container & Air shipment.

Flame grape Contains 80 percent of water. By Consuming red grapes with his skin we get extreme health benefits. Red grapes are available as fresh fruit as well as juice. When we are buying grapes it is much better to buy with seeds. Red grapes help to control cholesterol, prevent heart attacks and reduce fever.